Back to the Future! Create Yesteryear Clips from Previous Graduating Classes

StageClips can be generated from any existing back catalog graduation video!

Behind the success of the StageClip program is the emotional connection it cultivates between graduates and their academic institution. Maintaining a strong connection with alumni is critical as they are your most loyal, and often vocal, supporters.

Leverage your past investment in graduation video to gain fresh engagement and value.

Alumni Get a Kick Out of Reliving Their Own Graduation

Using StageClip to reach out to your Alumni is a fun and effective way of keeping the relationship alive. Videos are a natural and authentic way of reinforcing a nostalgic emotional connection.

Definition: Nostalgia—a sentimental longing or wistful affection for the past, typically
for a period or place with happy personal associations.

StageClip gives you a reason to reach out to alumni and reignite their passion for your university or college.  

Integrate With Your Alumni Engagement Platform

Fresh, never seen before content, is the key to engagement. Use StageClip video clips to reengage Alumni on your platform. Talk to us about how you can set this up.

Get a New Return on Investment (ROI)

Monetize the value of your graduation videos from years ago. You’ve already paid the expenses, now you can utilize the footage again. Get a new additional Return on Investment (ROI) from sunk costs.

Your institution’s promotional footage is added before and after the video clip—an ideal opportunity to take your alumni for a walk through campus to see the all the advancements you’ve made with their invaluable support.

Minimal Time to Implement

You can turn previous years’ graduation videos into individualized video clips. The exact moment they received their degree and graduated can be sent to your alumni as part of an ongoing communications strategy.

  • Upload a list of students in order of appearance.
  • Send the footage of the ceremony.
  • StageClip produces individualized clips for alumni to share on social media channels.

See how it works.

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