Individualized Clips Your Award Winners Share Across Social Media

  • Imagine providing professional, individualized video clips, to every attendee so they can share a personal moment of celebration.
  • Now, imagine that your excited recipients share the videos across their social media channels, spreading your company or association brand and marketing message hundreds of thousands of times across the world.
  • Start engaging today! It takes less than an hour of your time!

Benefits to Companies & Organizations

  • The return on investment outperforms advertising on social networks.
  • Speed – clips are ready to share at the event allowing you to capitalize on the moment.
  • Compared with social media share platforms, StageClip is 48 times less expensive and hundreds of time less expensive than print advertising.
  • The emotional marketing component inspires current or prospective employees, and association members – contributing to retention and increased morale.
  • Clips can be paired with an optional survey, enabling them to gather valuable data for future programs or campaigns.

Minimal Time to Implement – 1hr

  • Event organizer uploads list of participants in order of appearance.
  • Videographer sends footage or provides access to live stream of the ceremony.
  • StageClip produces individualized clips for recipients to share on social media channels.