What is the StageClip virtual ceremony service?

There are two elements to StageClip:
1) Individual Recognition – a 60-second personalized video clip for each graduate featuring content they submit.
2) A Ceremony (Optional) – This a special communal experience which can be watched by friends and family.  The ceremony features the students in a procession.  This played out on a date and time of your choice as live on YouTube Premieres from your dedicated institution website.  There is a facility for the audience to live chat.  In addition, there is auto-captioning.
How it Works
  • Every graduate is given the opportunity to upload a personal video message. They can also upload a photo and personal written message.
  • We use these elements to create 30-60s personalized recognition video clip for each graduate. This clip also has institution branding and b-roll video (optional) at the start of the clip.
  • The custom content from the graduates (slide info, audio, video message) are also edited back-to-back to create a procession of graduates .
  • The institution sends us videos of welcome remarks, guest speakers, anthems, student speakers etc. These are played out first and then the procession follows. The institution can also submit a closing remarks video. This is the ceremony.
  • Graduates who choose not to upload a video message still get a recognition clip and appear in the procession with just their name called and their slide.

What will the virtual ceremony look like once put together?

There is an opening title slide branded to your institution, followed by the speeches and then the graduate roll call procession, and lastly the closing segment with an end slide.

The videos you send us are output as supplied.  WE DO NOT EDIT VIDEOS.  Speeches will be compiled in the order dictated, using smooth transitions  We won’t be manually editing any of the videos, adding graphics, slides or effects.  You must add these features before submission.

We accept 5 pieces of video content from you.  If you have more than 5 elements to your ceremony you will need to merge them into one video.

Will there be name-calling in the virtual ceremonies?

If you are working with MarchingOrder this is included automatically.

If you’re not working with MarchingOrder you have two options. The first option is to use them to create audio recordings of the individual names using a professional voice artist.  The approximate cost for this is $3,200 plus $1.80 per recording.  The other option is to use your own reader to record names and send to us.  There is no charge for this.

All audio names are included in the virtual ceremony procession as well as the individual StageClips.

Can social media feeds be added to the StageClip web portal?

Currently, this facility is not available as 3rd party feeds can make the portal http instead of https which may breach our security standards and therefore prevent access to the web portal.  Graduates have up to 60 integrated links to social media channels to instantly share their individual recognition clips on social media.   In addition there is a live chat feature on YouTube Premieres where the ceremonies are held.

Is it possible for the school to moderate the chat on YouTube Premieres?

Yes.  This needs to be done ahead of time. In order to moderate you will need to send us the  URL of the YouTube channel of the University/School that is moderating.  It needs to be an official client channel, not someone’s personal account.
In addition, we automatically block offensive or inappropriate words per our moderation guidelines.

Can the speeches be made viewable as a playlist in addition to the full-length procession video?

Yes, speeches can be made available as a short-form video upon request.


Where will the virtual ceremonies be available for online viewing?

Virtual ceremonies are hosted on YouTube Premieres and the video is embedded on the StageClip web portal.  The link for the video can also be shared with institutions if they wish to embed it into their own website.

How long do the speech/procession videos stay on YouTube?

Speeches and Ceremony videos will remain available on YouTube for at least a year, but most likely indefinitely. They will be unlisted so not searchable on YouTube, and can be removed upon request.

Is it possible to only post the ceremony speeches to the web portal without the graduate’s roll call?

Yes, this is a standard product; For those institutions that submit speeches, they will have the short ceremony i.e. all speeches without procession made available on the web portal.

Can the full-length procession and/or speech videos be downloaded by graduates?

Graduates do not have the option of downloading speeches or the full ceremony video.  The institution can request the procession or speech videos from StageClip and it will be provided as an MP4 file.  Graduates can download their personalized clips, and can share instantly on social media.

Can institutions add additional brochures or promotions?

The web portal and virtual ceremonies have a standard structure so typically, we are not able to accommodate additional promotions.  Links to brochures or promotions hosted on your institution’s website can be added to the StageClip Ceremony site.

Can a speech and/or slide be placed in between groups of clips in the Full Procession?

The standard of a full procession is for the speeches to come first followed by the procession clips and a closing speech at the end therefore the facility to include a slide in between is currently unavailable.

Do you provide Closed Captioning?

You can add CC to your videos prior to sending to us.  Alternatively, we set YouTube captioning up as standard and we use their system to create automatic captions. Captions are automatically published on the video. Automatic captions are available in English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish. According to YouTube, there are over 1 billion videos on their platform using automatic captions.

What is a recognition StageClip and what does it look like?

A Virtual StageClip consists of pre-roll video provided by the Institution,  a graduate recognition slide, a 10 second graduate video clip, and a short closing provided by the Institution.  See examples below.

Virtual StageClip:  FSU

Virtual StageClip with SnapChat Lens: Kingston

When graduates submit their video and slide details can we approve them first?

Your StageClip template will be approved by you ahead of time.

Graduate video content is moderated by us in the first instance against moderation guidelines.  If the school wants to review moderated content against these guidelines you can request this. The review can be done once all content is received by graduates. This is not a default option and is done by special request.  It is important you are aware that including this step adds time to the production schedule and therefore you need to bear this in mind against their preferred ceremony date.

Speech videos submitted to us will already have been approved by the school before you send to us so there naturally isn’t a review mechanism for these.  The videos you send us are output as supplied by you   We do not edit them or clean them up in any way.  If individual videos are sent to us we crossfade between them in the order the school chooses.  If you want a more produced output then you need to send it to us exactly as you want it played out.  We won’t be manually editing any of the videos, adding graphics, slides or effects.

Can we disable the video portion of the upload?

The StageClip graduate upload portal can consist of video only, or slide and video.  We are unable to disable the video portion of the upload.  If you would like to give your graduates individual StageClip videos without the ability to upload their own video content, this can be done by partnering with Marching Order, who will provide the slides to StageClip for incorporating into the clips.

Is there any text limit on the graduate slides we should be aware of?

The graduate slide contains a main heading (the name of the individual) and a subtitle (the degree title) and these are both dynamically adjusted to accommodate character length. The slide can also include a personal graduate message, which has a limit of 150 characters.

Can we provide photos instead of having grads upload them or can we provide photos for those that don’t upload one?

Photos and videos are user-generated content and set up to be submitted solely by the graduate through the automated invitation that they receive.  We cannot accept photos submitted by the Institution.

Where is the data stored?

American and UK institutions have their data stored on EU servers; Canadian data is stored on servers within Canada.

How will surveys be implemented?

Surveys will be presented to the graduates in the data collection portal after they have uploaded all of their personal content.  The survey questions must be submitted to StageClip and the survey setup must be approved prior to opening the portal to graduates.

How will the survey data be provided to me?

Survey data will be exported into a csv file and delivered to the institution after the portal closes and the graduates no longer have access to the survey.

How is a Snapchat Lens used?

Snapchat Lenses can be customized to include your gown, cap, and tassel colors, as well as school logo and hashtag.  Graduates can download the lens from the data collection portal at which time they have access to the lens for 48 hours.  They can also begin sharing Snapchat content immediately on social media.  The lens order form must be submitted to StageClip and the lens must be produced approved prior to opening the portal to graduates.

Is the Snapchat Lens available for use in the graduate’s photos as well as their videos?

The Snapchat Lens will be accessible only from the StageClip portal.  Graduates who are uploading both photos and videos to the StageClip portal will have access to the lens for both.  Graduates who are routed to StageClip from MarchingOrder will only be able to use the Lens for videos, but they will have access to the lens within Snapchat for 48 hours, and can share both photos and videos to social media.

Can I have more than one Snapchat Lens?

StageClip can support the use of multiple Snapchat lenses for different groups of graduates. Each graduate will only have access to one lens. We must have a list of graduates assigned to each lens prior to opening your graduate data collection portal.

How is MarchingOrder Related to StageClip?

MarchingOrder has been an official partner of StageClip for several years providing institutions with an integrated experience.  MarchingOrder can provide StageClip with the graduate name recordings and customized graduate slides so that they may be included in the videos that StageClip creates for each graduate. Graduates are passed directly from the MarchingOrder data collection website to StageClip to upload their individualized video.

I’m working with both MarchingOrder and StageClip. What part of the service is each company providing?

MarchingOrder will collect your graduate lists and setup a portal for your graduates to upload phonetics, photos and personal messages.  Graduates will be passed directly from the MarchingOrder portal to the StageClip portal where they will upload their personal video.  This is also the point at which they’ll have access to a Snapchat Lens if you choose to offer one, and given a survey if you’ve chosen to implement one.  Surveys and Snapchat Lenses must be produced and approved by the Institution prior to opening the integrated MarchingOrder/StageClip portals.

Who should I give my speech videos to if I'm working with both StageClip and MarchingOrder?

Send your speeches, anthems, prayers and closing remarks, etc. to StageClip. The StageClip Ceremony site will feature a playlist for all ceremony and/or speech videos, and a search bar where graduates can find their individual clip, which features all the content collected from the integrated MarchingOrder/StageClip portals.  The MarchingOrder portal will feature the content collected from the MarchingOrder portal (slides and audio) but not the video content or personalized clip.  Both sites will have links available to one another.

Do I need to contact MarchingOrder separately from StageClip?

MarchingOrder and StageClip work very closely to integrate the two products into one experience for the graduates, but we are two separate companies and two separate agreements are required.  If you have not already coordinated with MarchingOrder, please inquire about their services by contacting them at info@marchingorder.com or 888-988-0346

What encryption method do you use for your stored data?

Data in StageClip is encrypted using 256-bit AES encryption, one of the strongest cyphers available.