3 Steps to De-Risk Graduation Planning with StageClip

Whether you’re engaging 50 graduates or 50,000, we’re ready to help.

After 18 months of uncertainty, many institutions still don’t have a clear picture on what Fall 2021 commencement ceremonies will look like. How do you capture the big moments for your graduates and families?

More than 1,500 colleges, universities, and schools around the world have partnered with StageClip to de-risk their graduation planning, and we’ve used the lessons learned by those institutions to help you de-risk your plans for upcoming ceremonies!

To help you take the uncertainty out of at least one item on your long planning checklist, we’re sharing 3 steps to de-risk your graduation planning.

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1. Make a list of what needs to happen, no matter what.


Producing a lackluster virtual ceremony without the emotional impact and lasting memories your graduates expect leads to long-lasting effects on alumni engagement, giving, and referrals of new students.


Plan to continue the traditions that are most important to your graduates and their families, no matter the format!

Work with your team to make a list identifying the must-have elements in any ceremony. We’re happy to help you get started:

  • Individual recognition (ceremony program, slides, etc)
  • Visual, emotional impact for new alumni and prospective students
  • Collect employment outcomes data from new graduates
  • Initiate new alumni engagement
  • Inform parents, family, and guests
  • High-quality name reading

2. Work within your budget cycle.


By waiting to finalize plans, you may miss key budget deadlines on campus, causing you to lose funds or place them with a vendor that may not be able to serve your needs when plans change.


StageClip offers flat-rate pricing for ceremonies and a contingency guarantee for changed plans (see #3 below!). We can bill your institution right away for upcoming 2021 ceremonies, or defer billing until closer to the event date if that’s what you need.

StageClip works with universities around the world, and we’ve seen nearly every fiscal year cycle, budget calendar, and purchasing process there is in higher education. Our team is able to work with your budget cycle to remain flexible in billing for your ceremony.

Step Three

3. Make a Contingency Plan for Unknowns.

For many of our clients, the primary goal is a live, in-person ceremony that gives graduates the moment they deserve. Unfortunately, they also have to consider the possibility that a shift to a virtual ceremony may be necessary, often with little time for planning.

If your vendors aren’t prepared or willing to shift with you, you could be stuck sourcing another vendor in the middle of everything else you have to manage leading up to the big day.


Having to negotiate a contract more than once can lead to lost time with your attorneys and purchasing office, not to mention to financial risk of having to change vendors at the last moment.


Have a vendor in place who is ready to adjust if – and when – your plans change, and who won’t penalize you for circumstances beyond your control.

If you plan for a live, in-person ceremony and you need to switch to an online ceremony (or vice-versa), we'll transition your ceremony at no additional charge.

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Why StageClip?

StageClip is the world’s #1 provider of virtual graduation ceremonies. Our virtual graduations are easy to implement. Our ceremonies are affordable, and the return on investment is outstanding –over 1 million clips have been gifted to graduates from their institutions, resulting in over 225,000 hours of footage being viewed by graduates, families, and friends.