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Form to report Infringements on a StageClip Service


This form is for reporting copyright or trademark infringements on any StageClip service.

When this form is submitted, your message will be submitted via email to StageClip for review. Please ensure your web browser has cookies enabled before filling out and submitting this form.

    • Copyright: identify the type of work (e.g., text, video, image, code, audio) and provide a description sufficient to recognize it when viewed.

    • Trademark: identify the type of trademark (i.e., word or phrase, logo, word and design), country where registered, registration number, and provide a description of the alleged infringement.

    • NOTE: Provide page specific URL where your IP is infringed (e.g.,

    Required Statements

    Good Faith Belief

    Authority to Act

    512(f) Acknowledgement

    I understand that the information submitted in this form may be shared with third parties, including the alleged infringer about whom I am filing this complaint.