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Rewind Clips

Rewind Clips are a great way to re-engage those out-of-touch alumni! Our easy-to-use service allows you to create personalized video recognition clips for each graduate.

  1. Upload your list of alumni names and emails
  2. Upload your archive video
  3. Start gathering contact data!

Use our surveys to gather hard-to-get contact data from your alumni!

See an Example
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Reconnecting with old friends

Integrate a survey into your Rewind Clips and see record completion rates. On average, universities experience a 15-20% completion rate on their own graduate surveys, whereas StageClip has proven results of up to 93%. Our surveys are a great way to collect new email addresses, employment data, and prospect information for your foundation, annual giving, or alumni office.

Use your Rewind clips to

  • Capture up to date email address and cell phone numbers
  • Quickly re-establish relationships with out-of-touch alumni
  • Understand graduate career patterns
  • Plan your advancement strategy

Case Study: University of St Andrews

St Andrews partnered with StageClip to turn two old VHS recordings from the 90s into short Tik-Tok style, fully personalized digital clips of individual graduations that could be shared on social media. Nearly 20% of alumni reached updated contact information, and the campaign sparked engagement in unexpected ways for their alumni relations and development teams.

What Alumni Said

While the uptick in contact data speaks for itself, the qualitative response from alumni was equally compelling.

  • “It took me by complete surprise and was wonderful to watch it 25 years on! I have shared this link with several of my friends who graduated in the same year so I think some of them will be in touch to request their clips. I’m very grateful and touched by this gesture.”
  • “All of my friends agreed that their universities would never do anything so cool and that I should increase my donation to the American Foundation next year.”
  • “I really appreciate it – I did not know that there had been a recording. As a result of the clip, I reached out to some old classmates on Facebook, a site I rarely visit. This has led to some of us arranging to meet again. Thank you.”
  • “What an EXCELLENT idea to spring a graduation video clip on all us old 1991 [graduates]. It came totally out the blue as a gift (with no price tag attached!) and it certainly made me pause to remember the day very fondly.

Reconnect with your alumni.

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