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Name Pronunciation Tool for Graduation Organizers

Graduation is the biggest moment of your graduates' journey: Say their names right every time!

It’s Easy to Pronounce Names Correctly!

Here’s How Our Name Pronunciation Tool Works


Upload Your Graduate Names

Upload a list of your graduates to the NameCheck tool to generate a pronunciation.

Confirm Pronunciation

Send a link to your graduates. They'll be able to listen and adjust their pronunciation.

Share with Name Readers

Invite your readers to listen to the correct pronunciations before the big day.

Names Pronounced & Counting



Our graduation name pronunciation tool is free to try, and for schools with less than 300 graduates, there’s no cost to use it for your ceremonies.

NameCheck Only

Up to 300 Graduates


  • Multiple ceremonies
  • Grads can record their own name
  • Admins can moderate changes
  • Export as MP3 files


NameCheck Only

300+ Graduates


  • Same features as free version
  • Flat rate pricing
  • Included at no charge with StageClip personalized video clips


NameCheck + Clips


Personalized graduation video clips for each graduate.

  • Incorporate branding
  • Include alumni surveys
  • NameCheck included

From $2.50 per grad

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StageClip has been a fantastic partner, from the right application of their tools to providing stellar customer service to our team throughout the event.

Angela RuffProject & Event Manager, Gonzaga University

NameCheck makes a difference!

StageClip’s partner institutions have seen major improvements in correct name pronunciation at their ceremonies. For example, Gonzaga University partnered with us to ensure their graduation ceremonies featured personalized, accurate recognition for every grad. Using Namecheck’s A.I. name-reading technology, graduates were able to preview their name pronunciation before the ceremony and provide corrections if needed. The improvements were a hit with graduates and family members!

32% of Gonzaga University grads made corrections after reviewing their pronunciation. The improvements were a success with graduates and families!

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By StageClip

With NameCheck, StageClip’s name pronunciation tool, it’s easy to pronounce names correctly at your commencement ceremonies. Our A.I. name-reading tool allows each of your graduates to get the chance to hear their name read and provide approval or feedback. Once your grads review their name pronunciation, your readers can listen, learn, and repeat the names using the correct pronunciation.

Our platform also gives you the option to download a recording of each graduates’ name pronounced correctly to use during the ceremony. With StageClip’s name pronunciation tool, you’ll never mispronounce graduate names again.

Watch a Demo

Graduate Benefits

With the NameCheck tool, each of your graduates will be able to hear their name pronounced and provide approval or feedback.

Grads can also upload their own recording to make sure everything is just right for the big day.

Institution Benefits

Once your graduates have reviewed their name pronunciation, your readers can listen, learn, and repeat the names correctly.

For extra peace of mind, names can be easily exported as a spreadsheet or audio files to allow your readers to review offline. 

The Importance of Getting Name Pronunciation Right at Graduation

Names matter, and at graduation, everyone deserves to hear their name said using the correct pronunciation.

If graduates’ names are mispronounced as they take their final steps as students, you’re misrepresenting their individual and cultural identities, making them feel disappointed, disrespected, and excluded, 1 turning one of life’s proudest moments into a not-so-fond memory.

Plus, imagine the nightmare your commencement speaker endures as they fumble and trip over consonants, trying to say each graduate’s name correctly. Even if the rest of the ceremony goes off without a hitch, get even one name wrong, and it’s all for nothing. 2 But for higher education institutions, pronouncing names correctly at graduation ceremonies has always been easier said than done—until now.

Ready to Improve Name Pronunciation at Your Next Ceremony?

Our team is ready to help you get every grad’s name right at your next commencement ceremony with our innovative name pronunciation tool. All you need is a graduate list—we take care of the rest!

Let's Go!

About StageClip

Graduation is about celebrating hard work and dedication—and the celebration culminates in one walk across a stage.

No one emphasizes the importance of celebrating one of life’s biggest moments like StageClip. We provide each graduate with a personalized, sharable video clip of their big moment with your school’s branding, ready within days of your ceremony. With our graduation name pronunciation tool ensuring that every grads’ name is pronounced correctly, they’ll be proud to share their clip with family and friends in-person and on social media. And for every 20 shares on any social media platform, we plant a tree through our partnership with One Tree Planted, an organization dedicated to restoring forests. Contact us today to get started.

Additional Graduation Video Features

Along with our name pronunciation tool, StageClip can offer you additional graduation video add-on features to take your engagement and brand reputation to the next level.

Alumni Surveys

With StageClip’s alumni survey feature, you can collect hard-to-get data like post-university email addresses, mobile numbers, and communication preferences. Before each graduate can watch and download their clip, a survey is presented, including questions to help you keep track of your alumni after graduation to improve engagement.

Graduate-Uploaded Content

StageClip’s graduate-uploaded content feature allows grads to make their experience even more personal with their own photos, videos, and messages. Quotes, text, photo montage, or recorded video messages are played before their big moment on stage, giving your grads the chance to get involved in the creation process. All graduate-uploaded content is created by graduates and pre-approved by you, so you can protect your brand with our included moderating tools to make the day memorable—for the right reasons.

1. Pilcher, J. (2016). Names, Bodies and Identities. Sociology, 50(4), 764–779.
2. Coughlan, S. (2018). ‘Don’t say my name wrong at graduation.’ BBC News.