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StageClip Alumni Surveys

StageClip’s alumni surveys are an add-on feature used with our graduation clips to gather hard-to-get destination and contact data from your newest alumni.

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In 2023, institutions using our surveys saw the following results:

Average Survey Submission Rate
Graduates Submitted Surveys
Personal Email Addresses Provided to Universities by Graduates

Get the Hard-To-Find Data You Need With Our Alumni Survey Questions

How does it work?

Grads complete surveys to access their personalized video clips, allowing you to increase engagement and welcome your new alums to the family.

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Why does it work?

By connecting with graduates when their affinity is at an all-time high, our surveys provide the data you need to keep them engaged long after graduation.

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StageClip’s alumni surveys can be added to graduation clips, allowing you to increase engagement and welcome your newest alums to the association.

The alumni survey is built into the StageClip process; before graduates can download their clips, they’re asked to answer a few short questions. Graduates are excited and proud to share their big moments, making them happy to answer a few alumni survey questions to gain access to their clips.

By asking your grads to answer questions at a time when they’re most proud to be an alum, our alumni surveys give your team access to hard-to-get destination and contact data from your newest alumni to improve engagement.

Graduates are happy to answer a few questions to gain access to their clips and get a warm welcome from the alumni association, and your team will be thrilled with gaining access to information to boost engagement, so it’s a win-win!

StageClip guarantees a 50% response rate or higher.

Or we’ll cover the cost of surveys for your next ceremony.

We were thrilled with our first experience with StageClip. Their prompt service and experience guided us through the process, and we were blown away by the impressive survey response rate.

Varden Hadfield, Director of DevelopmentMountainland Technical College

Get the data you need.

StageClip alumni surveys can also drive registrations for alumni engagement platforms like:

  • Graduway
  • Almabase
  • Hivebrite
  • PeopleGrove
  • and more!

Manage Your Brand’s Reputation With StageClips and Alumni Surveys

It’s easy to manage your brand’s reputation with our alumni engagement surveys—our team does all the heavy lifting for you.

Social Sharing in Peer Networks

After students complete the alumni survey, they can download and share their university-branded graduation video on social media. On average, our videos receive about 257 views per clip.

If 1,000 grads attended your last commencement and each shared their clip on social media, that’s 257,000 views in organic social reach, saving your marketing team a lot of time and money.

One Tree Planted sustainability partnership

For every 20 shares of StageClips, we plant a tree through our partnership with One Tree Planted, an organization dedicated to restoring forests and making a positive environmental impact worldwide.

Privacy Policy and GDPR Compliance

Once we send the reports and graduation clips to you, they’re the property of your university, so your team has the freedom to use them as needed. StageClip also has excellent privacy policies, and our reports are GDPR compliant. We never store data—we capture the information you need to manage your brand’s reputation and send it to you.

Better Completion Rates

Alumni Engagement Surveys Give You a Jumpstart on Connecting With New Alumni

Once the post-graduation glow dims and new alums start preparing for the real world, it’s challenging to connect with them. But with StageClip’s alumni engagement surveys, your team can get a jumpstart on connecting with new grads by reaching out to them at their proudest moment—graduation. By connecting with graduates when their affinity for the institution is at an all-time high, StageClip’s alumni engagement surveys increase the chances of you getting the information needed to keep them engaged long after graduation.

On average, universities experience a 15-30% completion rate on their graduate surveys, whereas StageClip has a proven completion rate of up to 93%—that’s three to five times higher compared to gathering alumni data without our help!

Our impressive completion rates are all thanks to our alumni engagement strategy: asking the grad to provide the data you need to improve engagement during one of life’s most memorable experiences and giving them a gift in return—a personalized graduation clip of a moment they’ll never forget.

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Capture Updated Email Addresses and Phone Numbers

By asking new graduates to provide their contact information during a happy moment—and offering personalized gifts in return—you can capture up-to-date email addresses and mobile phone numbers seamlessly.

Quickly Establish Relationships With New Alumni

Capturing up-to-date contact information with our survey feature allows you to build relationships with new alums quickly by keeping in touch with them regularly through their preferred communication method.

Understand Career Patterns

By finding out what your new grads plan to do after the ceremony is over and life begins, our alumni surveys help you understand graduate career paths so you can finetune your programs for future students and help former ones connect with job resources in their city.

Identify Future Candidates for Master’s and Doctoral Programs

One of our alumni survey questions asks if the student plans to attend graduate school, helping your university identify new alumni to connect with regarding your school’s master’s and doctoral programs.

Understand New Grads’ Preferred Social Media Channels

StageClip provides you with alumni survey metrics and reporting data like survey completion rates and social media metrics, including channel data, to give you an understanding of which platforms new alumni prefer.

Improve Engagement Long After Graduation With Alumni Surveys

As a commencement partner specializing in personalized graduation clips, StageClip helps you improve alumni engagement long after graduation with our alumni surveys. Our surveys are an add-on to our personalized graduation clips and used to encourage new grads to answer simple alumni survey questions at rates of 50% to 90% on average, and we only charge for completed submissions.

Our platform is user-friendly, so you can complete the process in three easy steps. StageClip’s dedicated client success team can manage the entire project on your behalf—no extra work, just extra engagement. Contact us today to schedule a demo of our platform.

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