Do you collect alumni data the old fashioned way?

When you give Stageclips to your graduates it’s a good time to ask for a little something in return.

You can use an in-app survey to collect data on your future alumni.

Good value for money and real time data

We’ve spoken to lots of institutions who give away premiums in order to attract graduates to fill out paper forms.   The premiums cost more than a StageClip, they’re difficult to move, store and transport and they’re taking up valuable planet resources.   Plus they can’t be shared instantly on social media.

In addition many of our clients have gone through the expense and trouble of printing paper forms to collect data.  Rushed grads fill them in illegibly and time and money is spent on data entry. It’s inefficient and expensive.

When grads complete a survey to unlock their clip you get clean up-to-date data in real time.  You can start engaging properly from the day they become alumni.

GDPR Compliant

It’s time to think differently about how you engage and research your alumni.

To access their clips students can be asked to agree to clear terms and conditions, including permission to be contacted and for their data to be used for development purposes.  We always suggest they have the right to skip this should they wish but with a compelling message they’re usually thankful.


You conduct a small survey to obtain data about their interests and passions etc. saving lots of time in the future.