Digitally storing your greatest achievements on your smart device is reasonable, but is it the best course of action for making your memories truly last? And what of your physical memorabilia? You might not want your tassel and honor cords hanging in your bedroom forever, so instead of letting these items contribute to a cluttered mess, consider preserving them through a graduation time capsule.

Sound old-fashioned? It doesn’t have to be. Keep reading to learn more about creating the perfect device to hold some of your most cherished graduation memories.

Why Would I Need a Time Capsule for Graduation?

Once you cross the stage and share your proud moment on social media or with close friends and family, you probably won’t watch your graduation video every day afterward. Your photos and videos could easily wind up deep in your photo library and, at the whim of your storage settings or your phone’s mood that day, end up corrupted or deleted forever.

Still, we all seem to trust our mobile devices to keep some of our most valuable possessions safe. However, by investing in a physical storage tool like a graduation memory box to hold specific items, you can rest easy knowing you have a timeless backup that can be viewed as often as needed for years to come. With this setup, you have both a physical and digital preservation method that works.

How to Create a Time Capsule

Creating a graduation time capsule is easy and can be done in a few simple steps!

1. Grab a sturdy container, whether it’s a box or jar.

Your graduation items are important, and if your time capsule will stay around for a long time, make sure your intended storage system can withstand the elements—or at the very least, natural deterioration.

2. Find a secure (but memorable) storage spot.

Pick a location that’s perfect for long-term storage but remains easy to find. A basement can be a good location, but also consider the possibility of events like floods. And if you don’t want to go the “traditional” route of burying your capsule in the ground in a sentimental spot, you can opt for something like a small safety deposit box.

3. Plan a time and location to retrieve your memories.

What’s the point of preserving your cherished graduation memories if you don’t enjoy them to some capacity? Set aside a specific date and place to revisit your capsule so the feelings of nostalgia can be at their most potent.

Choose a time when you expect to have future partners, children, or even grandchildren to share your experiences with. Or, pick a significant date, like the 25th anniversary of your commencement ceremony.

4. Gather your valuable items and place them in your box.

After planning the logistics of where you’ll store your capsule and for how long, start filling up your box. If you need some inspiration, consider packing some of the following items.

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What to Pack in Your Graduation Time Capsule

To mitigate these challenges and help foster stronger connections with their graduates, higher education institutions should consider implementing strategies such as the following:

1. Your Cap, Gown, and Tassels

What better way to cherish your school graduation than with the regalia you wore on commencement day? Unless you plan to attend lots more ceremonies in the same cap and gown, you probably won’t find much use in keeping your garb in your wardrobe. Take some time to spruce up your ensemble so it can be as fresh as possible years later.

2. A Letter to Your Future Self

Writing a letter to your future self can be an extremely sentimental gesture that reminds you of the person you once were and how much you’ve grown. Take this opportunity to say exactly what you need to hear—words of affirmation and encouragement, your aspirations, and your current state. Get as candid with yourself as much as possible.

3. Your College Acceptance Letter

Was your college acceptance process a nerve-wracking event? Did you feel a rush of relief and pride wash over you as you read your college acceptance letter? Keep this token as a reminder of where everything started. And if it applies, include the home video of your friends and family members celebrating your acceptance in unison.

4. Photos!

No time capsule is complete without photos! Photos are one of the easiest collectibles that can instantly transport you to a specific time and place. If you’ve taken many pictures of your campus, friends, clubs, and even yourself throughout your educational career, don’t hesitate to include them.

5. Tickets and Other Memorabilia

You may have accumulated many miscellaneous items and trinkets in your academic career that you can’t seem to part ways with, like the concert ticket that was your first date. If you’d feel iffy about throwing out some of these items, include them in your time capsule!

6. Your Personalized Graduation Video

Finally, the best memoir you could keep is your personalized graduation video, courtesy of StageClip. Our patented technology will capture your on-stage moment with a personalized, shareable clip that shows your shining moment.

After downloading your clip to your mobile device, PC, or Mac, ensure you create a physical copy in a medium that can be stored and played later, like on a USB card. Or, if you want to keep the digital format, take advantage of cloud-based digital solutions that’ll keep your files secure.

Start Packing Your Time Capsules Today

At StageClip, we help grads like you and their loved ones relive their proudest moments with personalized graduation clips. Our seamless platform is easy to implement, affordable, and provides an outstanding return on investment. While you enjoy your personalized graduation clips, you get to answer a few simple alumni survey questions. It’s a win-win for both you and your alma mater—you get precious memories to last a lifetime, and your school gets instant feedback.

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