The early childhood years are a big deal, and they shouldn’t be taken for granted. Your kindergarteners deserve a graduation day that celebrates their achievements and makes them feel accomplished. Before you welcome them into elementary school, arrange a kindergarten ceremony that’s engaging and fun!

What to Do for a Kindergarten Graduation Ceremony

Your ceremony doesn’t have to be the most extravagant party of the year, but it should have lots of thought and planning that shows your students and their parents that graduation is important. To help with the planning process, we’ve created a checklist of kindergarten graduation party ideas that your kids will love.

Start With a Theme

Every party needs a cohesive theme! Before you decorate anything, find a fun graduation theme that will resonate with your kids. Maybe your class read lots of Dr. Seuss books this school year—think about decorations featuring some of his most iconic characters. Or, if learning the alphabet was a huge focus for your students, incorporate their newfound skills into the celebration. There’s lots of inspiration out there for a themed party. Think about graduation ideas like:
  • A Space Theme for Your Shooting Stars
  • Rolling Out the Red Carpet
  • “Traveling” to the First Grade
  • Summer Vacation
  • Kinder “Garden”
  • Disney—Everybody Loves Disney!

Order Graduation Caps and Gowns

No kindergarten graduation ceremony is complete without caps and gowns. Your students will feel more sophisticated than ever when they receive their beloved regalia. Order caps and gowns in a color that works well with your theme, or select them according to your school colors, so your kids feel even prouder to be a student. Before the big day, set up a day to take professional graduation photos so your students and their parents can always have this memory to cherish.

Your students deserve to feel accomplished.

Make sure their graduation is a day they’ll be applauded for their efforts.

Send Out Customized Invitations

Your kindergarten students will want all of their family and friends to know about their big day. Instead of going through the run-of-the-mill vendor for invitations, visit a customized printing service that lets you find a well-designed template. Experiment with fun colors and images, and don’t be afraid to include your student’s graduation photo as a personal touch!

Perform a Dress Rehearsal

Your kindergarten graduation might come with some unexpected events, but don’t sweat it—it’s all in good fun. However, to help your students prepare for what’s probably the first graduation they’ve attended, set up a time for a dress rehearsal.   This way, you can show your students how to wait for their names to be called and accept their diplomas as they cross the stage. Practicing the ceremony a few times can help calm anxious feelings anyone may have.

Get in the Party Spirit by Decorating Your Classroom

As an educator, you shouldn’t waste any opportunities to let your students know that their kindergarten graduation is a huge deal. The week before the ceremony, go all out and decorate your classroom according to the theme so they’ll be in a party mood each day. Set up a piñata, hang up streamers and posters, and blow up plenty of balloons for your kids to interact with.   Don’t forget to get your kindergarteners involved in the decoration action, either! Let them go wild as they draw their favorite memory of the school year. Hang up their artwork on the walls for them to admire. And if your school district allows, guide them as they customize their graduation caps with a little DIY action. Your students will love feeling like individuals with something of their own to be proud of.

Create a Fun Photo Booth

No party is complete without some type of photo booth. While you don’t have to blow the budget on a carnival-level photo booth or a trendy 360 video station, you can coordinate a fun backdrop with tons of cute photo props.   Try setting aside a space where your students and their families can hold up festive cardboard cutouts and show off those beautiful smiles. Arrange for the school’s photographer to stop by for an hour or two so your students can have great-quality pictures.

Have a Talent Show

Your kindergarten graduation can be as unique as you’d like. Instead of only doing the diploma awarding, make a show out of the ordeal and showcase your student’s talent. Did your class work on a special skill this year, like learning how to sing all 50 states? Let them sing their hearts out.   There are lots of unique talents students can show off, both individually and as a group, like:
  • Singing a Solo
  • Performing a Dance Routine
  • Playing an Instrument
  • Reciting a Short Skit
  • Doing Magic Tricks

Hand out Graduation Gifts

Send your students home with something worthwhile. Hand out thoughtful party favors like candy, Play-Doh, party horns, coloring books, and bubbles. Your little ones will love their goodie bags and always associate their favorite little knick-knacks with a time of celebration and getting older.


Make sure the end of your kindergarten graduation ceremony is one for the books. Let your students bask at the end of the school year with fun party games like musical chairs. Play your kid’s favorite songs and let them dance away.   To make the moment a bit more special, provide plenty of party snacks, sweet treats, and a colorful punch.  

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